The Many Industrial Uses of Diamonds

When people think of diamonds, they immediately think of beautiful diamonds that adorn the fingers, necks, arms, and ears of a woman. But diamonds can be used for more than just making beautiful jewelry. Did you know the majority of diamonds discovered aren’t used for jewelry? That’s right 90% of mined diamonds are used for industrial purposes. 

When you look at all the diamond jewelry that is seen throughout jewelry stores worldwide, it’s hard to believe they only represent 10% of diamonds mined! Diamonds that are too small or don’t meet the requirements of a jewelry grade diamonds are used for industrial purposes. So what are some of the industrial purposes? And how do they know which diamonds to use for which purpose? Keep reading to learn this information and more.

Industrial Use Diamonds

There are three types of diamonds used industrially: Ballas, bort, and carbonado. Ballas is composed of spherical masses of diamond crystals and is extremely difficult and tedious to crack open. Bort is a massive grayish-black diamond used for crushing or drilling bort. Crushing bort is the lowest quality of diamond, used for the manufacturing of grinding wheels used for tool sharpening. Loose grains of this form of bort can also be used in oil or water for lapping and polishing. Drilling bort is used in diamond drill bits. Carbonado is a black and opaque diamond. It is less brittle than the other diamonds mentioned. This diamond has no cleavage, making it great for diamond-set tools and cutting glass and other hard surfaces. 

Why Use Diamonds for Industrial Purposes? 

Diamonds are the hardest substance in the world. They are perfect for cutting glass and other materials that are difficult to cut with traditional cutting tools. You can still use traditional tools on hard surfaces, but they will wear out quicker than a diamond-infused tool. Diamond polishing pads are used to polish concrete and stone, and can also shine up concrete and granite countertops. These diamond-infused blades, drill bits, grinders, and polishers outlast other tools and get the job done better because they are better made for the job. 

Other Uses for Diamonds

Diamonds can be used for more than just tools. They can be used for multiple other purposes as well. Some of those purposes you might not even realize! So here are just a few of the other purposes diamonds can be used for.

Audio Equipment

Industrial-grade diamonds can be used to improve sound quality. Diamond speaker domes are able to produce a higher-quality of sound. Because diamonds are the hardest substance in the world, they can withstand vibrations without damaging the audio quality and without the warping sound that other audio equipment will have. Record players and DJ equipment use diamond record needles to ensure the music is at its highest quality. 


People are always looking for the next and best beauty item to get their skin looking younger and healthier. Diamond beauty products have become a phenomenon among celebrities and have trickled down to those of us who aren’t celebrities. 

Diamonds beauty products offer some benefits to those who use them. For starters, diamonds are used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body, and because diamonds are abrasive, it makes sense for them to be used for exfoliating. However, using it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is a bit harder to do because diamonds aren’t an active ingredient. This means you would need to apply the product several times a day, making this use of diamonds a pricey one!


People are constantly looking for ways to improve their health, trying anything and everything to get themselves feeling healthier. Nanodiamonds, which are incredibly tiny diamond particles, have been proven to have health benefits. These diamonds reflect light and are compatible with human cells, making them effective in cancer treatments. And because of the unique relationship that diamonds share with light, medical researchers are looking into using nanodiamonds to help the visually impaired, using them as a potential material for prosthetic eyes and eye implants for the blind. 

They say diamonds are forever and with all the uses of diamonds, this proves to be true. Here at Diamond Consultation, we believe that diamonds and the stories that are attached to them are truly forever. From the process of selecting a diamond to purchasing the diamond and then finally, giving the diamond to your loved one, the journey of a diamond is important from beginning to end. So if you are in need of diamond consulting, call us and we will get you started on your diamond journey today!