Diamonds look completely different before they are ready to be worn as jewelry. The cutting and polishing processes are essential to creating a brilliant piece ready to be displayed in a showcase.

Diamond cutting transforms a rough diamond into a shaped stone. This process requires specific equipment and is done by a professional. A proper cut and polish are essential in maximizing a diamond's worth. Each affects the stone's value and profitability, along with its sparkle and fire.

Why is it Necessary to Cut and Polish Diamonds?


The quality of the cut is one of the most important features determining a stone's value. Diamonds are cut to create an ideal shape that is symmetrical with a continual outline. This maximizes their potential.

Diamonds are also cut to create a gem that reflects light with the best possible brilliance. The light enters through the crown of the diamond and emits to the human eye.

Diamonds are cut in different shapes and sizes to satisfy customers' varying preferences. Subsequently, not all diamond shapes will achieve maximum brilliance like the round brilliant cut.

The Cutting Process

The diamond-cutting process is intricate. The stones can be cut via two methods: a diamond saw or laser. Once the rough diamond material is cut into smaller pieces, each is shaped and faceted before polishing.

The Polishing Process

Stone polishing is the final step of the process. Special tools are used to smooth the diamond's surface. Polishing affects the way a diamond transmits light and must be done with great precision. A smooth surface will encourage light entry, while a rough surface will restrict it. This determines a diamond's brilliance and sparkle.

Both the cutting and polishing procedures will impact a diamond’s brilliance and overall quality, so it is important to be aware of these specifications. All GIA-certified diamonds specify the characteristics of the cut.

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