Benefits of Buying Online

Some consumers have understandable doubts about purchasing a diamond online. But while buying online might seem like a risk, it is very safe when the right precautions are taken. There are also many benefits, including a wider selection, better prices, and more flexibility. Here's our step-by-step guide to help you ensure that your purchase is secure.
Buying a diamond online begins with the same steps as making the purchase in-person. First, you must know the 4Cs and the other diamond characteristics that influence quality and price. Then, plan a budget and find a diamond that's a good fit. When you are looking at different purchasing options, make sure the picture displayed online is of the actual diamond. Some companies only use stock photos.

Once you've found a diamond that fits your taste and budget, check if it is GIA-certified. GIA certification will ensure that you are receiving a quality diamond. Look at their online grading report to provide added security to your purchase.
Finally, make sure the website has secure payment options.

How to Determine a Secure Website

First, choose a website for a company based in the United States. If necessary, it will give you the ability to file a complaint with different agencies, like the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Avoid buying diamonds from overseas dealers.
Next, examine the URL. Typically, a website is secure if it begins with "HTTPS" rather than just "HTTP." The "S" is important and signifies that the website is secure.

Another way to check security is to look for a padlock in the upper left hand corner of your web browser, next to the URL. If you click the padlock, a dialogue box will display if the connection is secure.

On the official website, look for a privacy policy. The privacy policy will share what personal information is taken by the website and how it is used. The privacy policy should also outline the steps the website takes to protect your information.
Finally, use Google! Googling the company you plan to buy from will verify their legitimacy and prove their security. Doing this will save you (and your wallet) from a scam. Typically, if a company is registered with an online diamond exchange, their website is secure. Registered diamond dealers offer authentic and quality diamonds.

How to Determine Secure Payment Options

After determining that the website is secure, make sure the dealer offers secure payment options. The easiest way to do this is to use PayPal – if possible. If PayPal is not an option, be sure that your personal and credit information is secured. If the dealer clears the payment on their website, make sure the URL is HTTPS. HTTPS means the payment is secured and encrypted, unlike HTTP. Please note, websites should not ask for your PIN number or online banking password. Websites should also not save your credit or debit card information without explicit permission. You may use either credit and debit cards for purchase; however, be aware of the risks. There is a possibility of fraud if the network and payment options are not secure. When using a debit card, be aware of the direct connection to your bank account funds and the possibility of unsolicited purchases. Determining the security of both the website and payment options will prevent these possibilities.

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