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mark asked 2 years ago

Hello, I\’m looking at comparing two diamonds. I am having trouble choosing between the two because the first link shows a diamond with no inclusions and looks clean. the second link shows better \”numbers\” on paper but has inclusions on the side and in the middle of the table (very minor i believe. i could be wrong.) Can you please share your opinions.  
Thank you

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[email protected] Staff answered 2 years ago

Those diamonds look very nice!  I would agree – the first option is better clarity and an overall better purchase, although seeing it in person will confirm that, and it looks like they honor a 30 day return policy so you should be in good shape.

Feel free to explore James Allen — here is a Pre-Filtered List for over 76 other diamonds that fit your exact criteria.  The overall price/value/experience (packaging included) is the best in my opinion.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to submit them, or use the contact form, thanks!