In the world of diamonds, rarity corresponds with value. Rare diamonds are highly sought after. If rarity is important to you, then a fancy colored diamond might be the right choice. Colorless diamonds are the rarest within the normal color range. However, fancy colored diamonds are more rare than their colorless counterparts.

What are Fancy Colored Diamonds?


Fancy colored diamonds consist of saturated colors outside the typical "colorless" to "noticeable color" range. Any diamond with a hint of another hue is considered a fancy colored diamond. They come in deep shades of red, pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, and black. As with all diamonds, even a slight color variation may cause a significant change in value.

The most rare fancy colored diamonds are deep pink, blue, and green. Yellow and brown are the most common. The grading processes for these diamonds are intricate and involve examination by a qualified laboratory scientist to ensure accurate grading.

How Do Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight Affect Fancy Colored Diamonds?

A fancy colored diamond's cut can influence its intensity. A deep pavilion will help light travel deep into the diamond, deepening its color. For example, a radiant cut can turn a yellow diamond into a fancy colored one. Mixed cuts are more likely to increase the richness of a fancy colored diamond's color.

Clarity is of less importance in fancy colored diamonds. Even fancy colored diamonds with a significant amount of inclusions will remain valuable. If the face-up color is rich and eye appealing, a low-quality clarity grade will not impact the value. Color graining, which may appear in fancy colored diamonds, is an inclusion. Keep in mind, however, that if inclusions impact the diamond’s durability, its value will decrease.

As with diamonds in the normal color range, the larger the carat weight, the higher the price. Carat weight is a stable factor affecting diamond price and quality.

Colorless Diamonds

Colorless diamonds are rated on a scale from D-Z, with D being colorless and Z being light yellow. Diamonds that are truly colorless are the most expensive. Their white counterparts may signify purity and holiness.

Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are rare. Most are created by diamond designers in a lab. The process involves irradiating green stones, turning them black. Black diamonds absorb light, giving them a lackluster appearance. They may signify mourning, anger, hate, or loss.

Pink & Red Diamonds

These fancy colored diamonds are rare, even more so than black diamonds. As a result, they are highly priced. Most are created in labs, and their color shades can range from red to pink to coral. Red diamonds signify passion, while corals signify eternal foundation. Pink diamonds symbolize love and romance, and are the rarest of them all.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are the second rarest after pink diamonds. Diamonds containing boron will produce a bluish-grey hue, while ones with elevated hydrogen levels will emit a deep blue hue. Blue diamonds can be created in labs, and signify truth, peace, devotion, and spirituality.

Green Diamonds

As with most fancy colored diamonds, green diamonds are rare. They are often referred to as "chameleon diamonds" and their hue ranges yellow-green to olive. They signify youth, nature, and prosperity.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are some of the most popular of all the colored diamonds. Their nitrogen molecules absorb blue light, giving them their yellow color. They are bright, which evokes a sense of happiness. Yellow diamonds often signify humanity.

Brown Diamonds

Most brown diamonds are champagne, cognac, or coffee-colored. Brown diamonds are more abundant and not as rare as their pink counterparts, making them more affordable. They are conventional and signify wholesomeness.

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