There are three major diamond cuts: brilliant, step, and mixed. Each cut has its own particular sparkle and flair. Just as every diamond is unique, each person must account for their own unique personal taste when purchasing the diamond of their dreams. Consider the characteristics of these cuts when choosing a diamond that suits your tastes.


Brilliant cut diamonds have unmatchable brilliance due to their many facets (the surfaces on the diamond). The fifty-seven or fifty-eight facets allow for extra polish on the surface area of the diamond, and its round shape gives it perfect symmetry. Brilliant cut diamonds can suit almost any style, from modern to vintage. Because of their classic shape and intense sparkle, a brilliant cut is the ideal cut for many and usually the most popular cut available from diamond retailers.
Brilliant Cut
Step Cut


A step cut diamond takes its name from the eight edges that line the sides of the diamond, creating steps up to the center of the jewel and giving it a pyramid-like shape. Due to these steps, the facets of this diamond are much larger than on a brilliant cut. The light reflection emitted by step cuts creates a stunning “hall of mirrors” effect, making them an attractive choice for many. Emerald, Baguette, and Asscher are all styles of step cut diamonds.


A mixed cut diamond is a combination of the brilliant and step cut. The table of the diamond resembles a brilliant cut while the pavilion resembles a step cut, so it sparkles like a brilliant diamond but retains the eccentric look of a step cut. Although the mixed cut hasn't been around as long as the brilliant or the step, its modern flair has made it a popular choice among buyers. Some styles of mixed cut include the princess cut and cushion cut diamonds.

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