Clean Your Diamond

Cleaning your diamond is a simple and important part of caring for your diamond. Cleaning your diamond will remove buildup from lotions, oils, and dirt. To clean it, avoid using chemical cleaners or other miscellaneous products that could be lying around your house. Instead, simply use warm water, mild dish detergent and a soft bristle toothbrush. Soak the ring in a mix of warm water and dish detergent, then gently scrub it with the toothbrush and rinse. If you have concerns about the easy maintenance of cleaning at home, visiting a professional is another fantastic option for cleaning your diamond.
Cleaning Your Diamond
Insure Your Diamond

Insure Your Diamond

Don't underestimate the importance of diamond insurance, which will provide added security for your precious gem. There are two options for purchasing insurance:

  • Purchase a rider alongside your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Purchase a policy from an organization that specializes in jewelry maintenance.

While the cost of insurance could seem daunting, it offers crucial financial protection if a ring is lost or stolen, giving you security in the event of a worst case scenario.

Avoid Chemicals

Another extremely important step in diamond care is to avoid chemicals at all costs. When using harsh chemicals like bleach, and other household cleaners, make sure your diamond is not in harm’s way. Harsh chemicals can potentially dull the shine and finish of your diamond leaving it dull. When cleaning your diamond, do not use any cleaners or chemicals. Use warm water and mild dish detergent, or take it to a professional.
Avoid Chemicals
Look, Don't Touch

Look, Don't Touch

Diamonds attract dirt, oil, and dust, and your fingers are the key culprits when it comes to a dirty diamond. Avoid any impulse to touch your diamond, particularly the center of the stone. If possible, handle the prongs, ring, or other jewelry attachments to avoid touching the stone.

Use Proper Storage

Proper storage is important to prevent a lost or stolen diamond. For starters, don't remove your diamond in public. If you are wearing a ring and need to remove it to wash your hands, try to find some privacy first and be as discreet as possible. It's best to keep a small box, container, or bag handy to store your diamond when you do need to remove it while you're out. At home, we recommend keeping multiple jewelry dishes or boxes around the house to store your diamond for short periods of time. However, keep in mind that diamonds shouldn't be stored loosely with other jewelry, because they are very hard and have the potential to scratch other gems and jewelry pieces. Lastly, if there is no way to avoid having to remove your diamond often, make sure you keep it in a safe spot out of sight.
Caution is Key

Caution is Key

Always be cautious when handling, wearing, and storing your diamond. Don't put your diamond through unnecessary wear and tear, because even the most sturdy and well-cut diamond can chip. Remove your diamond during any activities that could put it in harm's way, such as doing dishes, heavy cleaning, gardening or exercise. Use your best judgment when handling your diamond to prevent damage or loss.

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