Like the name states, Brian Gavin is the man behind Brian Gavin Diamonds. Although his site is only a few years old, he has been present in the diamond industry for a long time. In fact, Brian Gavin was born in South Africa, which is the diamond capital of the world.

A History of Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin grew up working as an apprentice in his families diamond polishing factory. Brian’s extensive work with diamonds has provided him with an abundance of knowledge. He is considered a world renowned expert when it comes to maximizing the brilliance of a diamond.

Brian created “A Cut Above” diamonds, which are super-ideal Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds. He helped to develop WhiteFlash Diamonds in 2001, where his “A Cut Above” diamonds are exclusively sold. However, Brian’s diamond history does not end there. In 2009, he worked to create the perfect round brilliant diamond. This led to the creation of Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows Diamond, which is sold exclusively through his website

Brian Gavin Diamonds is based out of Houston Texas. Though the website was only created in 2009, Brian Gavin’s presence in the diamond industry has been well-known prior to the opening of his company. Brian Gavin offers not only world class diamonds, but a strong foundation of diamond expertise. Brian Gavin and Brian Gavin Diamonds are essentially one in the same.

Services Offered

Brian Gavin's web layout is simple and eye-appealing. It is not quite as dramatic as some retailers, like WhiteFlash Diamonds. The menu is easy to navigate, and provides a wide array of information on diamonds offered, services offered, and diamond education.

One of the first things I noticed about BGD was their customization option. They have a whole section dedicated to customization, which shows they want to give the customer satisfaction. Plus not only do they offer custom engagement rings, they offer custom cut diamonds as well as other custom jewelry. Brian Gavin Diamonds appears to have a wide array of options in terms of jewelry selection, which extends beyond the scope of engagement rings.

Their other services include free shipping within the United States, lifetime upgrade policy, a 15 day inspection period, and a buyback program. They offer priority overnight shipping for purchases over $5000, and 2nd day shipping for those under $5000. Brian Gavin Diamonds has a lifetime upgrade policy on Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows certified diamonds and the Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds. Once you buy your diamond, you get 15 day inspection period, with a few exceptions. This allows you to determine if you are satisfied with you purchase. On top of all these services is the buy back program. Brian Gavin Diamonds will offer a check for 70% of the price on Brian Gavin Blue Diamonds and the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds for one year after purchase.

Business Model

Brian Gavin is somewhat special in that they offer both virtual listings and in-house inventory; however, we should note that their strength lies in their inventory holdings. Most of their diamonds are their inventory, but there are some which are virtually listed. That being said, you would be better off buying a virtually listed diamond from a company like James Allen. James Allen will at least offer hyper-clear 360 degree imagery of their virtual listings.


Brian Gavin has supreme quality diamonds. Their specialty would be the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond. Brian Gavin presents a super-ideal cut, with maximized brilliance in this particular collection. His knowledge and expertise really comes together to create a “wow” factor in this particular collection. Besides the super-ideal cut round cut, Brian Gavin Diamonds also offers a small amount of super-ideal princess cut diamonds from their inventory.

Brian Gavin Diamonds carries another category of diamonds known as the Brian Gavin Blue collection. These particular diamonds carry a significant amount of fluorescence. In the diamond industry, fluorescence can make or break a beautiful diamond. Sometimes fluorescence will make a diamond appear dull; however, this is not always the case. In the Brian Gavin Blue Collection, diamonds have fluorescence, but it only affects the gem in a positive fashion. Each diamond is examined by the master himself, Brian Gavin. He ensures that the diamond is appealing in outside, and inside, lighting. This collection is quite stunning and available at a fantastic price.

How to Buy

Simply put, buying a diamond may be confusing. There are a lot of fine details to examine when purchasing a diamond. Luckily, our site is here to help you. If you contact us, we will have a customer service specialist walk you through the process, step by step. However, there are a few questions you need to consider before purchasing your diamond:

  • What is your budget?

  • What diamond shape do you prefer?

  • What type of setting do you seek?

If you are having any difficulty with Brian Gavin's selection or website, contact them via the live chat. They will be happy to assist you in anyway possible, and are available 24/7. Brian Gavin Diamonds also offers an extensive education section on their website that will provide you with an excellent education on diamonds.

The above questions all come down to preference. Once you figure out the answers, you can begin to search Brian Gavin's Website for the diamond that is right for you. If you a looking for a brilliant round diamond, Brian Gavin Diamonds is probably the fit for you. If you have a question concerning which diamond you should select, please reach out to us.

Final Thoughts

Brian Gavin Diamonds is one of a kind. The founder is truly and expert, and applies his expertise to all of his collections. BGD offers an unbelievable brilliant round cut diamond. However, is it worth the premium price for a super-ideal cut? A number of people can not tell the difference between an ideal cut and a super-ideal cut diamond. However, a diamond is purchased for brilliance. If you are looking for a brilliant diamond, it is important to place emphasis on its’ cut. For example, skimping on clarity rather than cut may lead you purchasing a more brilliant diamond. If you were to downgrade on clarity by a small margin, and maximize your cut, you could save a few dollars but still land a brilliant diamond.

If the person receiving the ring can tell the difference between a super-ideal and ideal cut diamond, it is worth paying the premiums for one of Brian Gavin Diamond’s stones. There is no doubt this company produces some of the most clean, eye catching, brilliant round diamonds. If you are looking for shining brilliance and fire, Brian Gavin Diamonds is the best option available.