Blue Nile is the largest well-known internet jeweler in the United States. They have an extraordinary selection and excellent business model. Recently, they added a high-quality video feature to their website to display their diamonds. Their biggest competitor is James Allen, who led the way for years.

History Of Blue Nile

Mark Vadon created Blue Nile in 1999 after being less than thrilled with his options while searching for an engagement ring. While doing diamond research, he came across From there, he contacted the site owner and they later became partners.

According to Blue Nile's website , the company was founded on the idea that "choosing an engagement ring doesn't have to be complicated."

The company's unique perspective has gained recognition from notable publications like the New York Times and Forbes Magazine. In addition, Blue Nile has won the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award every year since 2002.

Services Offered


Blue Nile's website is both straightforward and eye-catching. When exploring the site, it is easy to determine what services and products are offered.

Blue Nile prides itself on providing superb customer service, offering a wide array of options to help buyers with any questions or concerns. For basic questions, there is an FAQ section. There is also a "Help Topics" section which includes an abundance of information. A phone number and email address are also offered as a method of contact. Most notably, Blue Nile offers a live chat feature that can put the buyer in contact with a customer service representative at any time. The agents are quick to respond, and are happy to help with both the simplest and most difficult questions. Blue Nile also offers its excellent products, services, and pricing to customers overseas.
On top of excellent service, Blue Nile offers an extensive selection of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, birthstone jewelry, and more. They even offer a service that lets the buyer build their own engagement ring. Starting with either the diamond or its setting, the buyer can customize everything from cut to color. This feature offers easy, optimal customization from the comfort of home. In addition, the customer is able to see the price of the ring throughout throughout the process, ensuring they make the most of their budget.

Business Model

Engagement rings are Blue Nile's primary revenue source. The company's simple and straightforward business model is pioneering, having been followed by most online jewelry stores.
Blue Nile does not purchase inventory and sell it. Instead, the company offers diamonds straight from wholesalers and diamond manufacturers, giving them a wide and affordable selection.


Recently, Blue Nile installed video technology on its website. It focuses on each diamond's beauty and differs from James Allen's hyper-clear videos. While Blue Nile's videos don't show every flaw, they have customer appeal and show off each diamond's natural beauty. Because they don't focus on zooming in on inclusions, it's easier for the customer to imagine what the diamond will look like in-person to the naked eye.


Blue Nile's fantastic craftsmanship shows in all of their work. Each diamond is valued and cared for properly. Their diamonds are clean-cut and shine with brilliance, and are sure to impress your significant other.
Blue Nile's diamonds also come in luxury packaging. Their boxes are clean, crisp, and elegant, much like the diamonds they hold. While not as extravagant as James Allen's, Blue Nile's packaging is appealing to those who prefer simplicity.

How to Buy

At times, buying a diamond can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of details to go over and decisions to make. Luckily, we're here to help. Upon contacting us, our customer service specialists will walk you step by step through the entire purchasing process. Here are a few questions you'll need to consider before purchasing your diamond:

  • What is your budget?

  • What diamond shape do you prefer?

  • What type of setting are you looking for?

The above questions all come down to preference. Once you have an idea of the diamond you're looking for, you can narrow down the choices by applying filters on Blue Nile's website. After doing your research and exploring your options, pick a diamond within your budget. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us or to Blue Nile's customer service team. We're here to help.

Return Policy

Blue Nile's website outlines a variety of return policies and services, including Free Returns, Return Status, Return Process and International Return Process. Returns to Blue Nile are free within 30 days and include shipping. International customers are subject to return shipping fees. Customers can easily check the status and timelines of their returns on the Blue Nile Website.

Blue Nile's return services are dependable, and are as simple and easy as the initial jewelry purchase. All credit card charges should be credited without issue.

Final Thoughts

Blue Nile offers an affordable, quality selection of diamonds. Their website features are helpful and effective at creating an excellent consumer experience. The ability to build your own engagement ring allows for unique shopping from the comfort of home, allowing the consumer to purchase the perfect diamond for their taste and budget.

Additionally, Blue Nile's new video technology effectively simulates an in-person shopping experience. Their consumer-friendly website is easy to navigate and explore all the purchasing options, while their customer service staff is ready to provide assistance at all times. If there is an issue, the return policy is easy to use and understand. Blue Nile is a first-class company. You won't go wrong purchasing a diamond from them.